Storage, Preparation, and Dilution of ARZERRA in Previously Untreated CLL1

  • ARZERRA is available in two vial sizes, 5 mL and 50 mL
  • Each vial contains 20 mg/mL of ARZERRA
    • The 5-mL and the 50-mL vials contain 100 mg and 1000 mg of ARZERRA, respectively, to reduce the risk of incorrect dosing due to calculation errors
  • Store and transport vials under refrigerated conditions (2° to 8°C), keep the vial in the outer carton in order to protect from light, and do not freeze
  • Before dilution, check the ARZERRA concentrate for discoloration and particulate matter (ARZERRA should be a colorless to pale-yellow solution)
    • DO NOT shake the vial for this inspection
    • DO NOT use if there is any discoloration
  • Complete the infusion within 24 hours of preparation
    • Discard any unused solution after that time

Diluting ARZERRA1

Dilute in 0.9% sodium chloride solution, using an aseptic technique

  • Infusion with the ARZERRA solution must be used immediately following dilution
  • If not used immediately, in-use storage times and conditions prior to use are the responsibility of the user and should be no longer than 24 hours at 2° to 8°C
Reference: 1. Arzerra® (ofatumumab) summary of product characteristics. West Sussex, UK; Novartis Europharm Limited; 2016.