ARZERRA Plus Chlorambucil Dosing—Two Infusion Visits in Cycle 1, Then One per Month Thereafter, in the First-Line Treatment of CLL1

ARZERRA Dosing Schedule in the Clinical Trial of Patients With Previously Untreated CLL1,2

  • Treatment should be continued for a minimum of three cycles, until best response,* or a maximum of 12 cycles (every 28 days)

Chlorambucil dosing schedule in the pivotal trial1

  • 10 mg/m2 each day orally for the first 7 days of each 28-day cycle

Patients in the Pivotal Trial Completed a Median of Six Cycles2

*Best response is a clinical response that did not improve with three additional cycles of treatment.

Find out how ARZERRA is dosed when used in combination with bendamustine.

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